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Mackenzie Castings is the Northwest’s leading custom manufacturer of steel and iron sand castings. Founded in 1977, Mackenzie’s trademark is its dedication to fine quality and excellent service at a fair price. Our superior castings are produced in all shapes and sizes ranging from 10 to 10,000 pounds. Representative of the major industries served include: Marine, Aluminum, Pump, Construction, Electric, Agriculture and Pulp & Paper Mills.

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STEEL FROM 10 - 6000 LBS.
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Stainless
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Abrasion Resistant
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Austenitic
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Manganese
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Low and Medium Carbon
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Low, Medium and High Alloy
IRON FROM 10 - 10,000 LBS.
bullet red.gif (891 bytes)Ductile
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Gray
bullet red.gif (891 bytes)
bullet red.gif (891 bytes) Low, Medium and High Alloy
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American Foundry Society

As members of the American Foundry Society, we share new ideas and expertise with colleagues, thus giving us access to the latest technology available in the steel and iron casting industry.

The Minerals, Metals & Minerals Society

In addition, we are members of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and the ASTM International to further enhance our professional relationships.

ASTM International

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